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blog.ryerson.ca to become blog.torontomu.ca

Following the university’s recent name change, we will be changing the name of the blog.ryerson.ca WordPress blog network.

If you have any questions or concerns, please submit an inquiry to the online form found on the Contact Us page.

On this page:

TMU’s blog network name will be changing

On August 19, we will change the name of the “blog.ryerson.ca” WordPress blog network to “blog.torontomu.ca”. We recommend that you avoid accessing the blog network on that morning, from 12:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m., as any changes you make during that time may not be retained.

Your blog will have a new address

Once the network has been renamed, your blog’s address will end in “blog.torontomu.ca”. 

Visitors who try to access your blog site using the old “blog.ryerson.ca” address will automatically be redirected to the new address. Please take the time to review your blog site and update any references to “blog.ryerson.ca” that may be visible in the content of the blog.

Your user email account is not changing yet

At this time, we don’t have a schedule confirmed for the change to your @ryerson.ca email address. We will provide an update once that change has been planned.

How long do I have to update any links that have the old URL?

While we don’t have an exact timeline, we expect to have the redirect in place for about a year. This will give blog owners some time to update the blog.ryerson.ca links in our posts and pages to blog.torontomu.ca.

Tips for updating your blog

While the university transitions to its new name, we will have redirects that automatically update “blog.ryerson.ca” to “blog.torontomu.ca” for your blog visitors. These redirects will be retired at some point – please use this time to update your blog and all references to it.

Blog posts, pages and interface

The following areas should all be updated once the change to the blog network has happened:

  • Images and links to your media library (their code contains the old URL and will need to be updated).
  • University logos

The following are examples of areas to review and determine if are ready to be updated:

  • Text in posts or pages that include the name “Ryerson” or any short-forms
  • Links to *.ryerson.ca websites (including other pages in your blog)

TMU offers branding and renaming guides on “The Next Chapter” website.

These are examples of situations where you may have shared or posted the old blog address, and need to update it.

  • Posted a link to the blog on another website (like your D2L Brightspace course shell)
  • Included the link in documents that you share with others (like your course outline or weekly course materials)
  • Set up a redirect from a custom URL to your blog URL (please contact our team if your custom URL contains “ryerson” and you will be obtaining a new one)