Hide the Author on Posts

  1. Enable Custom User CSS plugin in your blog, in Dashboard > Plugins.
  2. Paste in the code below, corresponding to the Theme you use on your blog. Sorry, we don’t have code for every theme we host.
ThemeCode to hide the Author
Twentyten.meta-sep, .author, .vcard {display:none}
Twentyelevennot needed – the author isn’t displayed here

*Please note: this is not the only place the author’s name or username may display in the blog. Try clicking on various parts of your blog to see what displays. Also keep in mind that you can’t hide the author’s names in the Author widget.

What about other parts of the blog?

Similar CSS code can be used to hide various things on your blog, including post dates, banners, etc. Simply look at the source code for your blog, when in a web browser, and take a look at what styles are applied to the section you want to hide.

As this is an advanced option, it may not be feasible for everyone.

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