Guide for students/Authors

This guide is focused on logging in, authoring and publishing posts and adding multimedia.

If you are expected to create and publish posts, or are given an Author role in a blog, this guide is for you!

Log in

In general, it is best to login directly at the blog you want to work on, using the admin URL.

To find the admin URL, take the blog address (like and add /wp-admin to the end.


Create blog posts

While there are different requirements for the blog assignments in each class, there are a few common elements: publish a post, select a specified category, include an image or video.

Troubleshoot problems

Blogging is not without challenges! If you are having a technical problem while working on your blog, please refer to the known issues page for a solution, and submit a contact form if you are unable to resolve it on your own.

If you are able to login, but cannot get to the admin pages of your site, please refer to Can’t access the admin area of my blog for troubleshooting tips.