Collect Statistics

A list of blog posts created by a particular user

  • Go to the blog Dashboard > Users
  • Find the user in the list
  • Click on the number of posts they have made.
  • You will see a list of all posts made by that student (with the title, category, publish date)

Please note that this cannot take into account all of the people that may have contributed to a post. It will only show the listed author of the post.

A list of comments made by a particular user

This method will only work if the users are logged in with their TMU accounts when making comments. If commenters are able to enter any name they like, it won’t be easy to aggregate all of their posts under various names.

  • Go to the blog Dashboard > Comments
  • Type the username in the search field at the top and click ‘Search’.
  • You will see a list of all comments made by that student (with the name of the post it is a response to, date/time).

The number of comments on each post

Commenting is not always indicative of a post’s popularity, but it can be an interesting statistic.

  • Go to the blog Dashboard > Posts
  • Look at the comments column (it has an icon of a comment bubble instead of a text title).
  • Scroll through the posts, and look for a comment bubble with a number indicating how many comments were made for this post.
  • You can click on this number to actually review the comments.