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Contact us if you have technical questions or issues with your blog.

Having trouble? Please start by reviewing the items on the Known Issues page. You might find a workaround!

Are you having trouble accessing the admin dashboard of your blog? Please review this page: Can’t access the admin area of my blog

Can’t access the blog request form? You may be logged into your personal Gmail account. To access the form: logout of your personal Gmail account; or use a different browser you typically don’t use for Gmail. 
You will be prompted to login using your university login.

Tips for requesting technical support:

  • Select ‘blogging‘ as your subject of inquiry.
  • Be sure to send us the following details:
    • Let us know what username you are using to log in to the blog system (please do not send us your password).
    • Let us know the URL of the blog you are accessing / trying to access.
    • Include any details pertinent to your inquiry.
  • If you are experiencing a technical issue reaching a blog site or posting to a blog (not a login issue, but the browser not allowing you to get to the site), please send the following additional details:
    • Your IP at the time the issue occurred (you can Google “What is my IP?” to find out).
    • Which web browser (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) AND operating system (Windows 10, Mac OSX) you were using.
    • The time and day you experienced the issue.
    • Whether you were on-campus or off-campus at the time the issue occurred.