Friday, March 18 – to upgrade to WordPress 3.1 will be upgraded to WordPress 3.1 on Friday, March 18 between 6:00 and 8:00am.

WordPress 3.1. “Reinhardt” details here:

Many additions and changes are introduced with this update, some of which include:

  • An admin bar that appears at the top of every page when you are logged in. The visibility of the admin bar is controlled by each user profile, allowing users to disable it “when viewing site” and/or “in dashboard”
  • A redesign of the linking interface, making it easier to link to your existing posts.
  • New post formats, such as “aside” and “gallery”, which define different ways that a post can look and feel (this feature must be enabled in the specific theme – WordPress default, ‘twentyten’ has implemented both “aside and “gallery”)

Please report any problems you may experience post-upgrade via the form linked on our Contact Us page.